ß-Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Regeneration Material with Advanced Porosity

BIORESORB® Macro Pore is an osteconductive, pure-phase ß-Tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material developed via a patented process that creates a porous structure most similar to human bone. The interconnecting micro & macro porous structure gives the advantage of allowing vascularization and cell transport into and throughout the particle, leading to new bone deposits within the particles themselves. This results in highly-predictable bone formation.



"Our results with BIORESORB® – without a combination of autologous bone – are predictable and uncomplicated for the patient. Our histologic research has confirmed the excellent osteoconductive properties of this material."
Dr. Achim Schmidt, DDS
Munich, Germany

"I have found BIORESORB® to provide the most predictable results. Because of the advanced porosity, I can mix the particles with the patien
ts' own blood and create an osteoinductive graft without using autogenous bone." Dr. Dennis Smiler, OMS
Encino, CA, USA

SEM Magnification x 100 of BIORESORB® Macro Pore.

SEM Magnification x 10,000 of BIORESORB® Macro Pore.

Odontogenic keratocyst.

6 Months after cyst removal and placement of BIORESORB™ Macro Pore Complete restitution of bone structure.*

*SOURCE: Goran Kneževic´; Radiological Evaluation of the Healing of Bone Defects Filled with BIORESORB; Acta Stomotol Croat. 2007;41(1):66-73


Lateral wall sinus elevation. 100% BIORESORB mixed with blood.

Biopsy taken at 7 months.

Histology at 7 months – improved bone regeneration with a high activity of osteoblasts, homogenous cortical structures and no signs of inflammation.


Interconnecting Porosity = Predictability

The open and interconnecting porosity of BIORESORB granules enable bone growth throughout the complete particle, unlike the icing effect of bone that occurs in less porous materials. The micropore sizes range from 0.5 - 10μm, while the macropore sizes are 50 - 700μm. This unique combination closely mimics the porous structure of human bone and leads to predictable bone formation.

Advanced Osteoconductivity

The advanced chemical structure of BIORESORB ß-TCP granules facilitates the rapid formation of osteoblasts – the precursor to osteogenesis. BIORESORB Macro Pore not only offers advanced osteoconductivity, it is also osteotropic due to the high calcium ion composition.

Complete Particle Resorption

As with all materials, the rate of bone remodeling is patient and site dependant. However, the resorption rate of BIORESORB Macro Pore has proven similar to the rate of new bone growth. The ß-TCP resorbs simultaneously with the formation of new, natural bone within the augmentation site.


ß-Tricalcium phosphate has been shown to be 100% biocompatible in numerous studies. There have been no unfavorable tissue reactions or immunologic reactive rejections. In a properly prepared recipient site, BIORESORB Macro Pore displays very high integration to the host bone without any soft tissue encapsulation or pathological reactions.

Easy to Use

The highly-porous BIORESORB granules are extremely hydrophilic, resulting in a very cohesive and easy to handle material after hydration. This allows for the graft to be placed in defects of any size and shape with relative ease.